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Our advanced appraisal software built by appraisers for appraisers to save time on every report. You choose to get your data from public records, your MLS or even your own measurements.

What is DataMaster?

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DataMaster Pro

The Gold Standard of Appraisal Data Management Software

Save over 60 minutes per report with DataMaster Pro. Get data from your MLS public records and other sources (like CompTracker) so you have all the data you need in one place to make your valuation decisions.


Market Analysis

Validated formulas and methods


Thousands of appraisers rely on DataMaster for their market conditions and neighborhood analysis. Based on your expertise, we calculate the data so you get the information you need to make your valuation decisions. Our methods are easy to follow and explain, so you follow USPAP guidelines.

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Bulletproof Workfiles

Consistency is more important than ever.

DataMaster automatically creates a strong valuation workfile of all the properties you chose, considered, and eliminated so nothing falls through the cracks. You can access your workfiles at any time. You'll have the data and documentation you need to defend your analyses.



Your personal comparables database.

As part of a strong appraisal workfile, you need easy access to all your previously used comps and other assignment information. CompTracker gives you the information you need for a bulletproof workfile, no matter which form software you use.

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Call backs are non-existent

Ever Since I have switched to DataMaster my underwriting call backs have been… Read more “Call backs are non-existent”

Tony M.

It really cuts down on errors and work time.

It really cuts down on errors and work time. I can get an appraisal out the same day of inspection now, and I’m getting a lot more… Read more “It really cuts down on errors and work time.”


I’m buying this in a heartbeat!

Read more “I’m buying this in a heartbeat!”


Increase production 30%

With DataMaster I have been able to increase my productivity by nearly 30%. Because of DataMaster, I am able to take more time to do other things that I also… Read more “Increase production 30%”

Keven E.

The software does the work of inputting…excellent

The software does the work of inputting the data into the 1004mc, perfectly. Thank you very… Read more “The software does the work of inputting…excellent”

John K.

This service has cut my typing in half

This service has cut my typing in half. I was reluctant at first as I didn’t want to give up any of my independence. After using this for the first time I was sold. Saving the time allows me more time to review my… Read more “This service has cut my typing in half”

Cynthia S.

Saved me!

I can’t even begin to count how many hours of my life that you saved… Read more “Saved me!”

Jane V.

The best thing that ever happened to appraisers…

The best thing that ever happened to appraisers for assistance in writing up reports. No longer do I have to hassle with the 1004MC form, look up doc#s, MLS#s, etc. DataMaster does the menial work for me reliably so I can concentrate on the important things, like… Read more “The best thing that ever happened to appraisers…”


We love it!

DataMaster has helped us get back to analyzing the data instead of concentrating on data entry. We love… Read more “We love it!”

Dale & Leslie Q.

$11,000 more than last year

With DataMaster, I made $11,000 more last year than the year… Read more “$11,000 more than last year”

Patrick M.

I am proud to say…

…I have been a DataMaster user for several years This software is by far the best investment I have ever made for my business. It is easy to use and has allowed me to more than double my… Read more “I am proud to say…”

William G.

I’m grateful

To understand how grateful I am that DataMaster exists, you need to know a bit of my most recent history. After 29 years working for a mega bank 70 to 80 hours per week, under highly stressful conditions in Commercial Appraising, I took sabbatical. During that year, I realized life is too short & decided… Read more “I’m grateful”

Lynette M.

DataMaster is the best!

I have been using Datamaster for several years now and I love it. It reduces my time in inputting comparables and helps with 1004MC data. The support is great. They are very responsive and polite. The program is easy to use. I love how I can change how the data is input into my report… Read more “DataMaster is the best!”

Kandi H.

Using DataMaster speeds up data…

Using DataMaster speeds up data integration to the appraisal report and completes the 1004MC quickly which allows me to do more work. I’m spoiled after using DataMaster for the last couple of years and will continue to utilize it for every report I write. I do and have recommended DataMaster to peers and they all… Read more “Using DataMaster speeds up data…”

Jeffrey G.

The service saves me at least an hour

This service saves me at least an hour per job…….I love… Read more “The service saves me at least an hour”



DATAMASTER has saved me hours and hours in my appraisal business. Just typing in document numbers and dates is eliminated and they’re always… Read more “DATAMASTER IS THE BEST APPRAISAL TOOL AVAILABLE”

Carol O.



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